The Rise of Unique Illustrations

In 2021, pitch decks will increasingly use illustrations to make their ideas stand out. While there’s been a surge in companies opting for stock photos and templates, there’s now a shift towards custom-made illustrations. These unique illustrations reflect a brand’s core values and offer a more personal approach to the pitch deck. Illustrations also provide a great opportunity to demonstrate technical processes and share abstract ideas in a tangible and understandable way.

Minimalist Design

In recent years, minimalism has dominated the design world – this is no exception when it comes to pitch decks. Simple, visually-pleasing designs are highly effective in getting your message across. Using a minimalist approach to your pitch deck allows you to convey what matters most, without it getting lost in a sea of cluttered slides. A clean design reinforces the idea that you know what you’re talking about and have the product to match.

Interactive and Engaging

A trend to watch in 2021 is the implementation of interactive and engaging design elements. Pitch decks that incorporate multimedia, such as videos and animated infographics, not only stand out, but they keep the viewer engaged for longer. Animated storytelling and dynamic visuals make it easier to communicate complex ideas and present data in an interactive and memorable way. Interactive design elements will offer a more immersive experience for your viewers.

Growth of Video Pitches

A trend that has been growing and shows no sign of slowing down in 2021 is the use of video pitches. Video pitches offer a unique way to tell a story and bring an idea to life in ways that static pitches don’t. Video pitches allow you to showcase more than just a product or service, they allow you to show the personalities and faces behind the concept. With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, videos are an effective way to make an emotional connection with your audience.

Pitch Deck Design Trends to Watch in 2021 1

Purpose-Driven Pitch Decks

In 2021, companies will be expected to put more emphasis on their social and environmental impact. Purpose-driven companies that strive for a positive social change will be more sought out by potential investors. A purpose-driven pitch deck communicates not only what a business does but also why it matters. Incorporating a company’s social impact and values into a pitch deck can make it stand out among the competition. Want to expand your knowledge on the topic? Access this carefully selected external resource and discover additional information. Pitch Deck Design Service!

In conclusion, pitch decks are continually evolving and adapting to new trends. This coming year is no exception. As we move forward, expect pitch decks to become more personalized, interactive, and video-based. Utilizing these design trends in your pitch deck can increase your chances of landing that big deal, and setting yourself apart from the competition.

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